Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Stripe rust treatment options-Going Going GONE!!

A quick reminder that most fungicides for the treatment of stripe rust have a cutoff for treatment with either a stage of growth of Feekes 10.5 (full heading) and/or a pre-harvest interval of 35-40 days! Once the heads are flowering we have moved beyond 10.5.

Please check your product labels closely and don't push the treatment window!! We can not afford to have misapplications of fungicides in our wheat crops and the related potential for food safety concerns!

Reports continue to come in that stripe rust is being found on the flag leaves of varieties such as Tubbs 06, Skiles, Goetze, Rod, ORCF102, Xerpha and WEstbred 528 in Umatilla County and north into Walla Walla County, Washington, but our treatment window is going, if not gone in many areas near Pendleton.

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