Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wheat Head Armyworm - larvae emerging

Wheat head armyworm adult moths (F. diffusa) are starting to emerge in increasing numbers, plus we are starting to find larva in Umatilla County. The following numbers are total moths collecting in our 25 sites. The largest numbers in individual traps were found near Holdman Rd, west of Kings Corner with 37 adults, and also south of Myrick with 21 adults. We expect about a 2-3 week delay between adults emerging and larva hatching. We will continue to keep posting numbers. If you desire more details about specific counts please call my office at 541-278-5403.

               Adults       Larva
14-Apr       0               0
21-Apr       4               0
28-Apr       7               0
5-May        1               0
12-May      17             1
19-May      157           2

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