Thursday, August 6, 2009

Drill Strip Variety Trials show newer varieties boost yield

Drill strip variety trials give growers the opportunity to see new wheat varieties in local fields at a scale closer to normal production. The plots are normally 40 ft. wide by 600-700 ft. long.

The plots are established in the fall using the grower's drill, and then harvested the following summer with the grower combine.

A weigh wagon is used to measure the bushels produced in each plot, and yields are calculated on the tailgate of the pickup in the grower's fields.

Today's harvest was near Athena, Oregon in a direct seeded field. The yields are as follows:

Jim Straughan Farm, harvested August 6, 2009

Variety Bu/Ac
Goetze 69.4 bu
ORCF101 69.5 bu
ORCF102 66.6 bu
Skiles 63.5 bu
Stephens 67.2 bu
Tubbs06 62.3 bu

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