Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Early seeding canola -follow up question

One of our blog readers asked the question, "How did the rains and temperatures affect the results in 2011?"

The following is Don Wysocki's reply:
In my opinion,  results of early planted winter canola are subject to the same variation that wheat yields are each year.   The 2011 harvest was a good year for yield.  The 2012 harvest year was not quite so good, but still a good year.

The difference in early versus Sept 1 planting is the ability to get a consistent stand.  The early planting does not increase yield over a September 1 planting if the September 1 planting establishes and has an adequate stand.  It is just that its much more difficult to get a stand September 1  than it is June 15.   We see yield potential loss after September 20 even with good stands.  The two most important factors for canola yield are 
  • stand establishment and 
  • bloom period.   
Planting early gets over the first.  Mother nature is still in charge on bloom and available water for the crop.

Sincerely, Don

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