Monday, June 4, 2012

OSU Field Days

We started a series of Field Days in Umatilla County, last Friday at the Hermiston Agriculture Research and Extension Center in Hermiston. We looked at a series of different variety trials, plus some other interesting studies being conducted at the experiment station.

Highlights included a very low level of stripe rust at the location, but a significant level of barley yellow dwarf virus across the plots. There were some notable differences by variety interaction across the different varieties in the expression of BYDV. It will be interesting if it turns into an impact on yield. OSU researchers are also doing some interesting work on soil bourne wheat mosic virus in the Hermiston area, and should have some results to share following harvest.

Remember all the details for the upcoming field days in Pendleton and Moro are available on my newsletter page on the OSU CerealCentral website.

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