Thursday, October 28, 2010

Social media: A Fad or the Future?

Social media like Facebook, Blogs, YouTube, Twitter....are quickly becoming more than a place to hangout, chat with friends and family and see the latest music video. For example with the introduction of "groups" on Facebook there is the opportunity to create engaging educational and informative conversations with others who share your interests or profession.
  • Engaging clientele - social media tools are fun and interactive
    • No longer need to be a techie to build a webpage with Web 2.0
  • Clientele already use the web - social media gives new methods for sharing research and information:
    • Blogs useful for posting new diseases, insects or pest outbreaks
    • RSS Feeds can be used to recieve a steady stream of information on markets
    • Twitter can quickly disseminate and call people to action
  •  Not going away but is increasing - it is not a fad, add your voice, create a presence. 
Know that the only constant is change and using web based tools will insure that change will happen faster than ever. Fifteen years ago, I didn't even have an email account. Four years I joined Facebook to keep in touch with my younger friends. Now I can create a photo web page and a blog  without knowing anything about html or programming!

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