Friday, September 17, 2010

Farmers talking about changes in their farming operations

Farmers are constantly facing change: the weather, the markets, input prices, and many more factors from outside their operations. In addition, as largely family operations, they face constant changing circumstances within their enterprise: children ready to join the farming operation, retiring the senior generation, in-law, ex-laws and distant family who still want to have a connection to the family farm. How do they make decisions when faced with these external and internal challenges and opportunities?
Ready, set....change!!!???
In 2007, I began a journey to learn more about how farm families make changes in their operations, and farming practices. Who do they use as advisers? How does change actually take place? How do they choose one path or another? With help from OSU students and Chris LaBelle, a fellow faculty member, we have now posted several of the interviews on YouTube for your viewing pleasure about the processes used in adopting change in a farming operation. I hope you will find their stories insightful and instructive. The series is called the Art of Change.

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