Thursday, June 11, 2009

Armyworm survey shows lower moth counts

I collected from the wheathead armyworm traps yesterday in the Helix area. There were very few moths in any of the traps this week. I will post the counts as soon as the numbers are confirmed by our entomologist, Silvia Rondon.
Last week's numbers were
  • Site # 1 near Myrick Rd - 19/day;
  • Site # 2 off Harper Rd - 12/day; and
  • Site 3 on field road 1 mile west of Helix - 13/day.
These counts were in the pheromone traps. The traps using a different attractant were low at 3 per trap total.
Under our current weather conditions, we expect to see larva emerging over the next week. If anyone finds larva when scouting their fields please post your findings to the blog or call my office with the information.
I will be collecting larva to rear again this year as there are questions emerging about if there are two species present and we hope to clarify that issue this season.

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